Jan. 16, 2017: The tail of a crashed Turkish Boeing 747 cargo plane lies at a residential area outside Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan . (AP)

BREAKING NEWS: At least 37 killed after Turkish cargo plane crashes near Kyrgyzstan airport

A cargo plane crashed Monday in a residential area just outside the main airport in Kyrgyzstan, killing at least 37 people, the Emergency Situations Ministry said on Monday.

The Turkish Boeing 747 crashed just outside the Manas airport, south of the capital Bishkek, killing people in the residential area adjacent to the airport as well as those on the plane.

Reports of the death toll on Monday ranged from 37 people according to emergency officials in the Central Asian nation, to 31 reported by the presidential press office which also said rescue teams had recovered parts of nine bodies. Fifteen people including six children have been hospitalized.

Images from the scene showed the plane’s nose stuck inside a brick house and large chunks of debris scattered around.

Several dozen private houses cluster just outside the metal fence separating the cottages from the runway. Manas has been considerably expanded since the United States began to operate a military installation at the Manas airport, using it primarily for its operations in Afghanistan. American troops vacated the base and handed it over to the Kyrgyz military in 2014.

“I woke up because of a bright red light outside,” Baktygul Kurbatova, who was slightly injured, told local television. “I couldn’t understand what was happening. It turns out the ceiling and the walls were crashing on us. I was so scared but I managed to cover my son’s face with my hands so that debris would not fall on him.”

More than a thousand rescue workers were at the scene by late morning in the residential area where 15 houses were destroyed, Deputy Prime Minister Mukhammetkaly Abulgaziyev said.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear. Kyrgyz Emergency Situations Minister Kubatbek Boronov told reporters that it was foggy at Manas when the plane came down but weather conditions were not critical. The plane’s flight recorders have not yet been found.

The plane, which had departed from Hong Kong, belonged to Istanbul-based cargo company ACT Airlines. It said in an emailed statement that the cause was unknown.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Monday called his Kyrgyz counterpart, Erlan Abdildaev, to offer Turkey’s condolences, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

BREAKING NEWS: Former pro wrestling star Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka dead at 73

Legendary professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, who thrilled fans for decades with his splash from the top rope, died Sunday from stomach cancer. He was 73.

His daughter, who wrestled under the name Tamina Snuka, posted on Instagram with the hashtag #BestDad to announce Snuka’s death.

Snuka, billed from the Fiji Islands, had three stints with World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996.

Snuka most famously feuded with Magnificent Muraco. Snuka’s leap off the top of the steel cage in Madison Square Garden on to Muraco in October 1983 is among the most iconic images in pro wrestling history.

Snuka also is noted for his 1984 feud with Rowdy Roddy Piper, which included Piper making fun of Snuka’s South Pacific heritage by hitting him over the head with a coconut. Snuka would be in the corner of Hulk Hogan and Mister T for the original WrestleMania against Piper and Cowboy Bob Orton. 

Snuka also wrestled in ECW, AWA, TNA, WCW, and other independent organizations and was in the ring as recently as 2014.

His death comes two weeks after murder charges were dropped because of his health in the death of his girlfriend in 1983. Charges were filed in September 2015 after prosecutors reopened the case following a plea from Nancy Argentino’s family.

Snuka was moved to hospice care in Florida months ago and given six months to live, his lawyer told the court in December in a hearing to re-evaluate whether Snuka was competent to stand trial. At the time, his wife told the judge that the family was struggling to keep him from leaving home during episodes of psychosis because he thinks he is late for a match. 

The judge ruled in June that Snuka was not competent to stand trial because of dementia and other health issues, but the charges remained in place until they were dismissed this month.

Snuka was charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Argentino’s body was found in a hotel room in Whitehall Township, Pa., and the coroner determined she had a skull fracture. Snuka had said she died in a fall.

After the charges were initially filed, WWE suspended Snuka’s legends contract and removed his page from the Hall of Fame portion of its website.

Donald Trump’s inauguration: Schedule of the day

Here’s a rundown of the official government events that weekend:

Inauguration 2017 Schedule

Thursday, Jan. 19

Wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia

Welcome celebrations at the Lincoln Memorial, which include local school bands as well as celebrity appearances by Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday, and 3 Doors Down

Friday, Jan. 20

Inauguration ceremony

Where: West front of the U.S. Capitol Building

When: Friday, January 20, 2017

9:30 a.m. ET Musical guests perform

11:30 a.m. ET Opening remarks begin

12:00 p.m. ET Donald Trump is sworn in by the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice John Roberts

The inaugural parade will take place following the swearing-in ceremony, starting from the steps of the Capitol to the White House down Pennsylvania Ave.

Three official inaugural balls will take place Jan. 20 as well. Two of them will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and the Armed Services Ball will be held at the National Building Museum.

Saturday, Jan. 21

Interfaith prayer service will be held at Washington’s National Cathedral

BREAKING NEWS: Students have reportedly been evacuated from Bournemouth University due to a dangerous chemical incident.

(DailyStar UK)

Images from the scene suggest a police cordon is in place at the Dorset university’s student village.

Unconfirmed reports from the scene suggest flammable chemicals have leaked – and there is the risk of a “chemical explosion”.


Josh Widle, a student at the university, told the Daily Star Online: “Apparently a policewoman said that there was a potential for a chemical explosion – and another one said that there is something flammable that is leaking.

“Some people from the immediate area were evacuated.”

An eyewitness said firefighters entered the student village at about 10.30pm.

A police spokesman said: “I can confirm we are dealing with an incident at that location.”Police-on-the-scene-of-a-chemical-incident-at-Bournemouth-University-785204.jpg

President Obama’s Farewell Addres

President Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address to the American people on Jan. 10, at 9 p.m. ET, from McCormick Place in his hometown, Chicago, Illinois.


The president’s farewell address is a tradition dating back to 1796, when George Washington said goodbye to Americans before transferring power to his successor.

In a written remark released at the beginning of the month, President Obama described presidency as an “amazing journey” and announced his remarks would be a “grateful farewell” to the American people.


Promising to “offer some thoughts on where we all go from here,” many are likely hoping that the president will put forward suggestions as to how President-elect Donald Trump might ease the transition from one administration to the next.

Despite worries about Trump’s capacity to perform the duties required of the commander in chief, President Obama has so far expressed optimism that the president-elect will rise to the occasion.

The video will be broadcast by VRScout, a Los Angeles-based virtual-reality media company. VRScout’s head of studio, Ryan Bell, has likened the president’s use of the innovative technology as “similar to the first time a president was put on television or a president was put on the radio.”

Not a bad way to go out.

The White House is also encouraging viewers to follow the event live on social media using the hashtag #YesWeCan.


How to Live Stream President Obama’s Farewell Address

As this will be the first presidential address to be broadcast live in 360-degree video, it will be easy for viewers at home to catch every word live.

For those who would prefer to watch in 2D, the president’s remarks will be streaming live on the White House’s on official Facebook page, or at whitehouse.gov/farewell.

BREAKING NEWS: At least 5 dead in Fort Lauderdale airport shooting; FAA halts flights

At least five people were shot dead Friday at one of South Florida’s busiest airports, leading officials to close the facility and advise people to “shelter in place.”

The gunfire happened at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Friday afternoon and also injured at least eight others, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said.

Law enforcement sources told NBC News they arrested one suspect after the shooting near the baggage claim area of Terminal 2, where Delta Air Lines operates.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, in a 3:25 p.m. press briefing, said it appeared the man in custody worked alone, but law enforcement was methodically searching all terminals and parking areas to make sure there was no further threat.

“The scene is considered fluid and active,” he said.

Israel said there were no shots fired elsewhere in the airport, contrary to some news reports that a second shooting in Terminal 1 had occurred about an hour after the first.

“The only gunshots fired at any time during this horrific incident happened downstairs at Terminal 2,” he said.

The sheriff said the suspect was taken into custody uninjured and without incident. Officers never fired a shot.

“I heard shots [and] someone yell, ‘they shot him in face’ — and [I] ran like hell,” a witness told WSVN-TV.

Airport officials said all operations were halted and it’s unclear when they would resume. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop order for all flights nationwide headed for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywod International.

“They are being held on the ground at the origination airport,” the agency said.

A sheriff’s office spokeswoman told CBS Miami that the suspect is male. A witness told the outlet the gunman appeared to be in his early 20s, and walked into the airport without saying anything and began shooting.

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., told MSNBC the suspect was carrying a military ID and identified him as Esteban Santiago, 26. Israel declined to identify the suspect, nor did he offer any details about the weapon used.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer under President George W. Bush was at the airport at the time of the shooting and tweeted about the incident.

“I’m at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Shots have been fired. Everyone is running,” he tweeted shortly before 1 p.m.

About 15 minutes later he reported that “all seems calm now but police aren’t letting anyone out of the airport — at least not the area where I am.”

MSNBC reported some passengers at the airport were being held on the tarmac before being evacuated. Around 2:30 p.m., police sent more passengers back to the tarmac from the baggage claim area, some running.

One witness in the baggage claim area at the time of the shooting, Mark Lea, 53, told NBC News he was dodging bullets and trying to help people move out of the way.

“At first we thought it was firecrackers,” he said. “Everyone started screaming and running. The shooter made his way down through baggage claim. He had what looked like a 9mm and emptied his entire clip. People were trying to run.”

Lea called the scene “surreal” and said people were tripping over each other trying to make a fast exit out of the door.

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that he’s “monitoring the terrible situation in Florida.”

“Just spoke to Gov. [Rick] Scott. Thoughts and prayers for all. Stay safe!” he said.

BREAKING NEWS: Derailment at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal leaves at least 18 injured

At least 18 people have been injured after a train derailed in New York, according to the city’s fire department.

ABC reports that a Long Island Railroad commuter train came off the tracks at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

Reuters reports that it happened during the morning rush hour at 8:30am local time.

NBC New York said passengers described a loud boom at the scene of the crash, before the train doors opened.

Injuries sustained by passengers are also said to be minor, however some news outlets have reported higher numbers of injuries.

Images and footage of the incident have been posted online.